A Small Package of Value Will Come to Me, Shortly.

As a small-time antiquarian book collector, I’m enchanted by old, weathered books. The smell of leather and musty, aged paper is perfume to me. It puts me over the top. The older the book, well, the weaker I get in the knees. My shelves are heavy with 18th and 19th century publications, and whenever I’m so inclined, I pull a book off the shelf and read a chapter or two on England’s early efforts in colonial Asia or a verse or two from Shakespeare or Donne or Pope, and in doing so, I am transported back in time, my senses of sight, touch, and smell and a fertile imagination taking me there.

There are two other products that make me swoon similarly: old sailboats out on the sea, and Apple hardware. While a wooden boat at sea affects perceptions in the same way, the MacBook Air, iPad, and iPhone lack the intoxicating aromas of old books and boats, their fragrances more RAMish, electrical and modern. 

So what an absolute treat it is that with TwelveSouth’s BookBook line of products, I can add the smell of leather and the notion of antiquity to my MacBook and iOS products and safely disguise them somewhere on my bookshelves.

Bookbook for iPhone

I’ve ordered both the BookBook for iPhone and for the MacBook Air (they will arrive shortly,) and already have one for the iPad. If you like the smell of leather and are attracted to old books, get one. They really are very good products, and make excellent disguises.